Losing Your Marbles, One Week At A Time


My husband has this jar of marbles in his office. About 15 years ago I put it together for him. Not only is it pretty and decorative, but it serves a purpose, too. You see, there is a marble in there for every week until he hits his 75th birthday. Every week he takes out a marble, holds it for a moment and thinks about how he “spent” the last week. Then he puts the marble somewhere else. When he hits 75 and runs out of marbles, (hopefully without losing his marbles, lol) he’ll begin putting one back each week and thinking about the blessing of an extra week and what he did with that blessed gift. The vase isn’t nearly as full as it used to be!

It’s so easy to lose track of time and what we’re doing with it. It helps to regularly slow down, adjust our focus, and make any adjustments that are needed.

This idea wasn’t original to us, and if someone else would like to use this idea, go right ahead! Besides, it’s quite pretty and would look nice in a home as well as an office.

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