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One Homeschool Mom’s Ideas to Keep Kids Positively Busy

I am a homeschool mom of 5. I have homeschooled all 5 since kindergarten. Two are now in college, two are in high school, and […]

Great Expectations: Does Your Pastor Have To Be Superhuman?

  Here are some interesting statistics from 75% of pastors report being “extremely stressed” or “highly stressed” 90% work between 55 to 75 hours […]

A Finger Raised Through Time And Space

I love cultures. I love thinking about cultures. Our church’s small group lessons for this term have made me think about it even more. In […]

Support for Depression

I was speaking to someone recently who was trying to minimize their antidepressant medications because, well, you know… It got me to thinking. Why in […]

Of Grasshoppers and Giants

Here’s my Deep Biblical Thought for the Day. (Not implying or promising that there will be another one tomorrow.) Numbers 13 tells how the spies […]

The Hand That Rocks The Cradle

A gentle reminder for the mothers out there (and fathers can benefit too): In ancient history the mother of the future king was often one […]