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Support for Depression

I was speaking to someone recently who was trying to minimize their antidepressant medications because, well, you know… It got me to thinking. Why in […]

Developing Global Health

I first visited a developing country at the end of  2013. My husband and I visited Mexico on a missions trip. We visited several small […]

Delta Airlines Doesn’t Know Peanuts or A Defense Of “Crazy” Food Allergy Parents

I am on a Delta Airlines flight and they just offered me peanuts. We usually fly American Airlines, so I was shocked. Luckily my daughter […]

What ALS Looked Like To Me

ALS is a big ugly evil monster. Or at least that’s how I imagine it. It attacks its victims’ motor neurons, leaving sensory function and […]

The Gift of Today

Today was a gift. A wonderful, glorious, marvelous gift. You see, this morning I started getting a migraine. (My migraines like to make a big […]

Same Old Same Old

Before Sunday evening prayer service, one our ministers allows people to share prayer needs with the congregation. We allow, even encourage, our children to speak […]