The Gift of Today

Today was a gift. A wonderful, glorious, marvelous gift.

You see, this morning I started getting a migraine. (My migraines like to make a big announcement with flashing lights, so I knew it was coming.)

Lucky for me, I had a headache appointment yesterday where the nurse practitioner gave me several new meds to try. Well, they weren’t really NEW, since I’ve tried them all before and they never worked. Actually, nothing ever works, so I didn’t hold out much hope.

Today, it worked! Within about 2 hours I was up, eating, and functioning normally; well as normal as I ever do.

So today was a gift. Instead of lying in bed with intense pain in 1/2 of my head, I was able to do all my normal stuff.

But you know what? Actually every day is a gift. I have freedoms and friends, life and love, health and happiness that I take for granted every day.

But not today, because today was a gift, direct from heaven above, delivered to me. I didn’t take it for granted today.

Hopefully I’ll remember that tomorrow and the next day, too, when little frustrations happen, when the kids argue, when I forget what I’m supposed to remember not to forget.

I’ll remember that it could be worse. Much worse. But it’s not. And that’s a gift.

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