Thank you!

I’d like to mention something I haven’t heard over the last few weeks in all the news, comments, concerns, and education about Ebola.

Of the 9200 who have fallen ill with it, 427 of those were healthcare workers. Of the over 4500 people who have died, 239 have been healthcare workers.

Of the 3 confirmed cases we have seen in America, 2 are nurses.

These people, more than others, know the dangers. They see the ceiling-high pile of infectious material because they put it there. They handle the diarrhea and vomit and blood, and they know that viruses are microscopic hordes and that accidents happen.

They go to work. They know that patients often don’t tell you the whole story right away, if ever. They know that a hospital is the easiest place to get sick. (Nosocomial infection, anyone?) They do their best, make tough calls, work long hours for small pay.

Then when they get assigned the patient with Ebola, they wear the hot sweaty hazmat suits which may not be enough. And then they get blamed when they get sick, as if suffering and possible death by a horrendous disease wasn’t enough.

So to all the doctors, nurses, and techs out there who daily put up with feces, urine, bacteria, fungus, viruses, disease, death, sickness, disrespect, rudeness, long hours, insurance nonsense, too much paperwork… You are heroes and heroines on the front line of a battle, and you deserve a lot more than our little thank you!

But at least we can give you that. So THANK YOU!

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