Month: July 2013

Bible Quizzing: A Great “Thing”

I think it’s very important for teens to have something positive they’re good at: something that is their “thing” during this phase of life where […]

The Emergency Room Church

Tonight I sit writing this in an emergency room, waiting and waiting. Don’t get all worried. It seems to be no big deal, and I’ll […]

We’re Not There Yet: (The Human) Race in America

I grew up in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. While that’s certainly not the Deep South, it is definitely redneck country. However, Bartlesville is the headquarters town of […]

DIY Easy Reversible Breastfeeding Drape

I breastfed my babies for about 4 years of my life, and I have nursed my babies just about everywhere. I am a modest person; […]

The Best-Kept Secret of Homeschooling

There is a big secret that homeschoolers everywhere know, but we don’t want to tell you. If we told you, you would realize that it’s […]

An Adventure At Alcoholics Anonymous

When I was in nursing school, during our psyche rotation, one of the requirements was to attend an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. Several of my friends […]