The Process of Perfection 

One of our children was quite unhappy with how they were doing in quiz practice. I, however, can remember where this same kid was 2 years ago and the progress they have made in memorizing, quoting, interrupting questions, answering questions, just everything. So I am quite happy and pleased with how they are doing. If I gave you details, you would definitely be impressed too. They, being a kid, can’t really remember what 2 years ago was like and it seems totally irrelevant to right now. They want progress quickly. Perfection. NOW!
I guess God probably feels the same way about us. He sees the mighty-long-way He’s brought us and says, “Look where you used to be and how far you’ve come! Look at all that progress! Look what I’ve done for you!” But we don’t want to hear it because we too want progress quickly. NOW! Perfection! STAT! 
So I’m taking a moment tonight to consider where He’s brought me from and brought me to. And I’m vowing again to trust Him when He says He’s in control of my path, and I’m promising to continue to let Him keep bringing me along, mistakes, failures, goof-ups, and all. 

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